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May 31, 2010

Sunset Blues at Reynisdrangar

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After two months of volcano eruptions in Iceland, Fimmvörðuháls from March 21 - April 13. and then Eyjafjallajökull from April 14 to May 23. Many great adventures and phototrips, I finally got the change do do what I really love about photograpy, SEASCAPES!.

The sunset and clouds were not so dramatic this weekend, but I also like seascapes during "blue hour" and minimalism scenes. The natural rock sculptures Reynisdrangar, at Vik in Myrdal, are usually been photographed from the other side, the eas side, so I prefer the west side of them. The waves on this coastline in Reynisfjara area often huge, and sometimes deadly, but on this night however the ocean was strangely calm, my boots got flushed anyway but that's a different story.

Cheers, Skarpi

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