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Jan 22, 2008

MadeiRa isLanD,PorTuGaL

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View towards east of Madeira's north shore, from São Cristovão outlook (Boaventura) to Vereda da Entrosa and Arco de São Jorge, Madeira Island

Thks 4 such an EXTRA nice pic Virgilio!!!

Jan 15, 2008

From vampire D4

From vampire D4
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Everything it's so cute!! Thank u so much my dear!!

AzOreS isLandS

AzOreS isLandS
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PorTuGaL archipelago, PiCo isLanD

Thks 4 th'a X lovelly pic my dear Erci.

Jan 10, 2008

Sunset at Opunohu Bay

Sunset at Opunohu Bay
Originally uploaded by kishwild
I took this on Moorea in French Polynesia after makng it back to the shoreline. I had been hiking all day and got kind of lost on some trails in the forest of the island, I ended up finding my way out on some forest or logging road as it was getting dark. Walking back to the accomodations I was exhasted and some Tahitian dude offered to drive me back. In the car he offered to sell me some pot. Apparently, the reason Americans go there is for the pot. In any case it was nice of him to give me a ride. A long but memorable day.

Jan 9, 2008

So close & U can touch iT!!

Moorea Sheraton.
JuSt oVeR d'A WaTeR!!

CloSe to the Moon and the StarRs!!

Jan 5, 2008

ArtisTic PorTuGaL

Igreja Conventual de S. Francisco - Portugal

Azurara - Vila do Conde - Porto