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Sep 28, 2010

Sep 25, 2010

Couleur froide

Couleur froide
Couleur froide,
originally uploaded by Vincent Pommeyrol.

Sep 24, 2010


at caribbean coral reef of Cousteau Reserve, Guadalupe, French West Indies (Lesser Antilles).

Sep 23, 2010

Nature at Bonifacio

Nature at Bonifacio, originally uploaded by Zé Eduardo....

Bonifacio, Corse

Sep 16, 2010

Bora Bora


First sight of the striking Mt. Otemanu and lovely Bora Bora. you can see the newer hotels on the outer motu below.

Sep 14, 2010

SimpLy amaziNg!!!

SimpLy amaziNg!!!
Originally uploaded by SmooTh.n.JaZZy

Manu MUSIC cultural moment..... here we go.....

Christopher Stephen Botti or Chris Botti (pronounced /ˈboʊti/ BOH-tee) (born October 12, 1962), is an American trumpeter and composer.[1] In 2007, Botti was nominated for two Grammy Awards[2] including Best Pop Instrumental Album. On December 4, 2009, he was nominated for 3 more Grammy Awards including Best Pop Instrumental Album and Best Long Form Music Video. Three of his albums have reached the #1 position on the Billboard jazz albums chart.
Coming to prominence with the 2001 recording of his "Night Sessions" CD, Botti established a reputation as a versatile musician in both jazz and pop music for his ability to fuse both styles together, thus creating what some have branded a new genre of music.[3]
********************************************* ***********
U all know how much i'm into :
Smooth jazz
Jazz Funk
Fusion jazz
R & B
Bossa Nova
New age
Some hip hop
Some pop
.... & some rock!!!!
Don't u??!!!
I cannot live without 'my' music..... and u??!!


Check out:

Sep 13, 2010

Sep 12, 2010

Dieppe Cerf Volant 2010

Dieppe Cerf Volant 2010, originally uploaded by Pierre Lesage.

Dieppe Cerf Volant 2010 is the largest kiste festival in the world, this year 50 countries were meeting in Dieppe just for the pleasure of flying kites.
2010 is the 16th festival and celebrations around the 30 years anniversary which is held every two years was incredible.
The CVCF (Cerf Volant Club de France) as well as Patrick and Patricia from Wokipiki has a booth to showcase Kite Aerial Photography and the audience was really impressive.

Sep 11, 2010

Moorea seen from Tahiti

Moorea seen from Tahiti, originally uploaded by Pierre Lesage.

Kite Aerial Photography
Dan Leigh Delta R8
AutoKAP rig
Rich GX 200 (wide angle converter)
Kite Flyer : Lloyd Estall (First KAP flight)

Sep 8, 2010

endLeSS bLue natuRe

Scandola nature
Scandola nature,
originally uploaded by Zé Eduardo....
Scandola nature reserve, Corse


Sep 5, 2010


Paradisiaque !
Paradisiaque !,
originally uploaded by Vincent Pommeyrol.


Sep 4, 2010


Golfo de Porto, originally uploaded by Zé Eduardo....

Corse island

Sep 3, 2010

eTna :))

Yes, that thing in the left background IS the full moon - Etna, 11 February 1998
Originally uploaded by etnaboris

Yes, that thing in the left background IS the full moon - Etna, 11 February 1998

If you're a volcanologist you know you have one of those rare days in your lifetime that you would consider perfect when you stand on the summit of your favorite volcano in full eruption, first watch the sunset and the shadow of the volcano falling over the nearby sea, and then you watch the full moon rising over the erupting volcano. That's what happened to me on that evening of 11 February 1998, although I must admit that Etna has permitted me to live an incredible amount of such "perfect" days (now Etna is, for the moment, a bit less spectacularly active, but my family more than makes up for it).

I took this photo from the slope of the central summit cone of Etna, looking down onto the Southeast Crater, which back then was considerably lower than it is today. Within the Southeast Crater is a small cone displaying what is called Strombolian activity (small, discrete explosions throwing out bunches of incandescent lava fragments) and on its right (southern) side is a vent emitting a little lava flow. The lights in the background are of towns that lie on the eastern (Ionian) coast of Sicily, and in the left distance, below the rising full moon, is Calabria, the southern tip of the Italian mainland.

Scanned from original Ektachrome slide - please don't mind the scratches and remainders of fungi on the slide