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Jul 30, 2012

Winter sunset, Ocean Beach

san francisco
Taken on a gorgeous early January evening from a position just across the Great Highway from Golden Gate Park.

Taken by a camera lofted by a helium balloon.

Jul 28, 2012

Chris Botti - Lisa


Jul 25, 2012

Jul 24, 2012


MAGICAL PRAIA BANANA, a photo by André Pipa on Flickr.
Watching Príncipe from the air is like preparing to enter an ancient world: extinct volcanoes, lush forest and desert forest-lined beaches. This one is the wonderful Praia Banana (Banana beach) on the northern coast of the island

Príncipe is the northern of the two major islands of the country of São Tomé and Príncipe lying off the west coast of Africa, on Gulf of Guinea. It has an area of 136 km² and a population of approximately 6,000. The island is a heavily eroded volcano over three million years old covered with luxuriant tropical jungle. Príncipe rises in the south to 948 metres at Pico de Príncipe, in a thickly forested area wich is believed to be the last virgin primary rain forest of Africa. The north and centre of the Island were formerly plantations, formed under Portuguese Empire. These concentrated initially on producing sugar and later on cocoa, becoming the world's greatest cocoa producer. Since independence (1975) these plantations have since largely reverted to forest. Roça (plantation) Sundy, here in Príncipe, was the site where colonialists Einstein's Theory of Relativity was experimentally proved successful by Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington and his team during the total solar eclipse of May 29, 191

Jul 22, 2012

Texas Sunset

Texas Sunset by TimSchmidt (Digammo)
Texas Sunset, a photo by TimSchmidt (Digammo) on Flickr.

born in paradise**

born in paradise** by Manu World
born in paradise**, a photo by Manu World on Flickr.

Jul 21, 2012

Lillo Thomas - Downtown

Let's funk tonite!!!

Rolling Fog

Rolling Fog by Wade Bryant
Rolling Fog, a photo by Wade Bryant on Flickr.

Jul 20, 2012

water project


Jul 19, 2012

CN Tower, ToronTo

CN Tower, Toronro by Tony Shi.
CN Tower, Toronro, a photo by Tony Shi. on Flickr.


Sanderling Island and Sandpiper Spit

This is a very peaceful and beautiful neighborhood on San Francisco Bay in Point Richmond, California. San Francisco can be seen in the upper right.

Just out of the frame to the left, it becomes very industrial with a variety of Port of Richmond activities including shipyards, petroleum depots, metal recyclers, sheet rock manufacturing, etc.

Taken by a camera lofted by a kite.

Jul 14, 2012

The Jazzmasters ~ Slomotion


Jul 13, 2012

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon by kevin mcneal
Antelope Canyon, a photo by kevin mcneal on Flickr.

Canyonlands storm

Canyonlands storm by Wade Bryant
Canyonlands storm, a photo by Wade Bryant on Flickr.

Jul 12, 2012

Jul 10, 2012

playing with roofs...

playing with roofs... by Zé Eduardo...
playing with roofs..., a photo by Zé Eduardo... on Flickr.

Jul 9, 2012

inside the Ksar ...

inside the Ksar ... by Zé Eduardo...
inside the Ksar ..., a photo by Zé Eduardo... on Flickr.
Ksar of Tansikht; Draa valley, south Morocco

Jul 8, 2012

Fighting for the Sun

Fighting for the Sun by Poki5
Fighting for the Sun, a photo by Poki5 on Flickr.

Jul 6, 2012


sunset by bluewavechris
sunset, a photo by bluewavechris on Flickr.

Jul 3, 2012

boat & blue sky

:) australia

Jul 2, 2012


Moon by guix29
Moon, a photo by guix29 on Flickr.