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Jun 24, 2008

Temporada de caça às nuvens

Magic pic!!

Goldrock Beach, Grand Bahama

Goldrock Beach, Grand Bahama, originally uploaded by firefly242.

Lovely and clean Goldrock Beach, Grand Bahama...

Thks 4 such another gr8 pic mate!!!!!

Stationery ...

cutieees, originally uploaded by kylieeee.

.......... penpals & swapping days....
...they are super days!!!

Gr8 pic!!! :)


O Mágico de Oz 1, originally uploaded by francineguilen.

Camisetas.... pintura en tela....
Clothes painting.....

Thks 4 th'a pic.

Jun 14, 2008

MoTus are...

Motus in French Polynesia
Originally uploaded by clesenne
Motus are little islands surrounding the lagoon.
Taken at various locations in French Polynesia.
Thks 4 the nice pics!!!

Jun 6, 2008

EndLess hoBBie....

Originally uploaded by Art by Vanessa
PainTing it's an endless hobbie of mine!!!!....
Tough i didn't did that painting.... it's my style paintings indeed!!!
Congrats Vanessa!!
Stunning colors!!!!