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Mar 30, 2008

i love 2 make bread!!!

Pão de alho e coentros!!
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And u?!?

Pão tamanho : Grande
Programa: normal (??)

400ml de água
650grs de Farinha de Trigo.
2 colheres de sopa de margarina
1 colher de sopa de Coentros
6 dentes grandes de Alho
2 colheres de chá (rasas) de sal
2 colheres de chá de levedura.

Coloque todos os ingredientes, rigorosamente medidos, na forma da sua máquina de pão, tendo o cuidado de não colocar o sal em contacto com a levedura.
Seleccione o programa Pão Branco, tamanho grande.
Inicie o programa.

PoLyneSia wOnDerS

KAP at Maupiti's Pass
Originally uploaded by Pierre Lesage
KAP at Maupiti's Pass

This is the only passage on the coral reef between the Ocean and the lagoon of the Island of Maupiti ( 37 miles west of Bora Bora - 16°28'56.28"S & 152°14'37.48"W)
A very strong outgoing current ( 10 to 12 knots) is always running making it one of the most difficult to enter.

Flow Form 30 - Ricoh GX100 + wide angle adapter - Rig #4 ( ) - 12 knots very stable NE trade winds - ideal light.
Super pic Pierre. Thks a lot!!!


Rio Paine - Salto grande
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Rio Paine - Salto grande

Parque Nacional Torres del Payne


RiBeiRa aRea

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My City beauty!!!

Mar 10, 2008

Paradise at St. John

Paradise aka St. John
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St. John in the Caribbean is a tropical paradise. I liked this view so much I even enlarged it to poster size and have it up at work.


Mar 5, 2008

aFteR sunRISE

At 7:00 AM the light, in this part of the world at this time of the year, is splendid.

Rising sun over Moorea - French Polynesia

Superb pic, thks Pierre!!