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Apr 30, 2012

:-) Funky!!!

;-) Testing from mty Android!!!! :-!
Oh that's fun!!!! Funky fun Manu!!!! :-)

Apr 29, 2012

BetwEEN mY inKs

>:O) by Manu World
>:O), a photo by Manu World on Flickr.
Another t-shirt painting concluded... getting ready for another arts and crafts fair... ...........and summer!!!! :)


Boa semanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gentji!!!!

Apr 28, 2012

DeBarge - "All This Love"

Apr 26, 2012

Passage Jouffroy

Passage Jouffroy by Zed The Dragon
Passage Jouffroy, a photo by Zed The Dragon on Flickr.
Le passage Jouffroy est édifié en 1845 dans le prolongement du passage des Panoramas, afin de profiter de la popularité de ce dernier. Pour sa gestion, une compagnie privée est formée, présidée par le comte Félix de Jouffroy-Gonsans (1791-1863), qui légue son nom au passage, et Monsieur Verdeau, qui laisse le sien au passage édifié dans le prolongement de celui-ci, le passage Verdeau. Le passage est édifié par les architectes François Destailleur et Romain de Bourges.

Le passage Jouffroy est un témoin de l'importante évolution technologique du xixe siècle et de la maîtrise des structures en fer ; c'est le premier passage parisien entièrement construit en métal et en verre. Seuls les éléments décoratifs sont en bois. Il s'agit également le premier passage chauffé par le sol.

Au début des années 1880, Arthur Meyer, fondateur du journal Le Gaulois, s’associe au caricaturiste Alfred Grévin pour créer une galerie de personnages en cire sur un terrain adjacent au passage. Elle est inaugurée le 10 janvier 1882 et a pris depuis le nom de musée Grévin. La sortie du musée, ornée d'un décor composé de divers personnages, se situe dans le passage et contribue pour une large part à son succès.

En 1974, le passage est inscrit au titre des monuments historiques. Le passage a été entièrement rénové en 1987 et a retrouvé son dallage d'origine.

L'entrée du musée Grévin se situe à l'intérieur du passage Jouffroy.
The Passage Jouffroy is located between 9, rue de la Grange Batelière and 10, Boulevard Montmartre , in a mixed residential and business district at the Grands Boulevards . Grands Boulevards is the nearest metro station of Line 8 and 9 . In this district, a short distance from each other most of the surviving passages of Paris: Passage Verdeau (9th arrondissement), Passage des Panoramas (9th arr), Passage Brady ( 10th arr), Passage du Prado (10th arr) and Passage du Caire ( 2nd arr).

The Passage Jouffroy can be described as an extension of the Passage des Panoramas, and they will continue through the passage Verdeau because it leaves a passage that crosses a road and immediately enters the next passage. Thus, these three passages lined in a row and the idea of the 19 Century, the flaneur to put in a specially created environment in a particular mood is still alive.
The Passage Jouffroy, named after one of the builders who had with others, the passage Verdeau build, was opened in 1847th The passage of the architects designed Destailleur et François Romain de Bourges, had to adapt to the difficult site, so that the first part ends as seen from the Grands Boulevards of some steps and the passage continues mixed after five descending stages. This part of the passage is narrower and shorter.

The Passage Jouffroy was the first passage, which was built entirely of steel and glass. Only the decorative elements are made of wood and was also a novelty floor heating. Since its renovation in 1987 it has regained its old charm.

In 1882 was directly next to the Passage Jouffroy, the Musee Grevin , named after the famous in his time caricaturist Alfred Grevin opened. The output of the museum is located in the passage, so that visitors need to continue their way into the passage.

Clic ! - See it in large on black - Clic !

CaméraSony DSLR-A350
Longueur focale28 mm
Vitesse ISO100
Détection du degré d'exposition0 EV

Apr 24, 2012

Blues and orange from Hoi An

Hoi An,

colours, textures of arches decay

ruins after war at the Forbidden Purple City, Hué,

blue door, window, lamps..

Cartagena de Indias,

Apr 22, 2012


;) lovelly Switzerland!!!.

Apr 20, 2012

river water reflections

Hoi An,

EndLESS caThedRaL

EndLESS caThedRaL by Manu World
EndLESS caThedRaL, a photo by Manu World on Flickr.
close to heaven!! :)

Apr 19, 2012

Steward Island sunset

new zealand

KAP over Iguaçu Falls

KAP over Iguaçu Falls by Pierre Lesage
KAP over Iguaçu Falls, a photo by Pierre Lesage on Flickr.
We stayed in Iguaçu falls for 3 days, one day for a hike on the Brazilian side, one day for a hike on the Argentinean side and 1 day to hopefully KAP them.
The first 2 days, the weather was just perfect, no cloud, beautiful light, very pleasant temperature and humidity and…NO wind at all. The last day of our stay came some clouds, wind and a very dull light but at least we had some wind and KAPing the falls seemed possible, even if I knew that the results would not be the best.
There is a very dense forest by the falls and the closest we could take off (according to Google Earth and scouting the neighborhood) was roughly 800 meters from the “ Garganta del Diablo”, on the lawn of the Hotel das Cataratas. A bit far, but not much choice and I thought that taking some height would be the solution, but of course we had to deal with the helicopters (which are supposed to fly at 500 meters or 1600 feet) and Heidy was so stressed that the entire session only lasted 15 minutes.
The wind was very unstable, the Fled was moving like the wipers on my car, the rig was jumping all over but nevertheless we managed to get half a dozen of almost “keepers”.
Time for a Caipirinha !!!

AutoKAP - Canon S95 with SDM interval mode - Light autoKAP rig - Fled



Apr 14, 2012


Cartagena de Indias,

Closed 4 the week-end **

Le Fort Vauban à Tatihou (Manche-FR)

Le fort Vauban construit en 1694, après la bataille de la Hougue dont la Tour Vauban (XVIIIe siècle) est classée au patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco depuis 2008. À l'intérieur des fortifications (XIXe siècle) se trouvent aussi une chapelle (fin du XVIIIe siècle), une poudrière (XIXe siècle) et une caserne devenue un restaurant.
Photographie aérienne par cerf-volant.

The Vauban fort built in 1694, after the battle of the Hougue including Tour Vauban (eighteenth century) is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008. Inside the fortifications (nineteenth century) are also a chapel (late eighteenth century), a powder magazine (nineteenth century) and a barracks became a restaurant.
Kite Aerial Photography.

© Avril 2012, François Levalet

2012 Berck Kite Festival

Kite Aerial Photography of Berck Kite Festival.

Light Rig
Dan Leigh R8 Delta
GoPro HD 2 pro

Apr 13, 2012

Gods & Shadows

Gods & Shadows by Dylan Toh (moving)
Gods & Shadows, a photo by Dylan Toh (moving) on Flickr.

One from the archives today - taken at Godafoss in Iceland 2010 when we had some blue skies to play with and the prevailing wind was blowing upstream making it much easier to photograph than our last visit.

Salt & Sky

Salt & Sky by Dylan Toh (moving)
Salt & Sky, a photo by Dylan Toh (moving) on Flickr.
Lake Bumbunga
South Australia

This morning, I took a punt and drove the 130km up to the Lake to see if I could catch some dawn light over the salt lake. After an encounter with the Loch-iel monster (which I will post later), I sat and waited for the dawn to happen. This was a series of 9 vertical shots stitched in CS5. I really wanted the foreground textures to show and perhaps give it a little of the Murray Fredericks look of land and sky only. While I was taking stills with the mk3, the mk2 was firing off a timelapse which eagerly looking forward to compiling in some spare time I don't seem to have much of these days!

Moeraki Warm up

Moeraki Warm up by Dylan Toh (moving)
Moeraki Warm up, a photo by Dylan Toh (moving) on Flickr.
Maslin Beach
South Australia

I'm dreaming I'm in NZ now ( I will be there in just over 1 month). We have one night and morning at Moeraki where I'm hoping we'll get some favourable conditions. Last Sunday was the first time in a month I've had some time to head away from the computer and wedding images. It was literally a breath of fresh air - apologies for absence here on flickr - Marianne and I have hardly had time to breathe at home!

ps. this was my first shoot with 5dmkIII :)

Apr 11, 2012

beach walk

beach walk by Eric 5D Mark III
beach walk, a photo by Eric 5D Mark III on Flickr.

laguna beach.


city in the twilight

city in the twilight by Eric 5D Mark III
city in the twilight, a photo by Eric 5D Mark III on Flickr.

EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
canon EOS 5D Mark III

los angeles
united states

Zeiss vs Voïgtlander

Zeiss vs Voïgtlander by Pierre Lesage
Zeiss vs Voïgtlander, a photo by Pierre Lesage on Flickr.

Ricoh GXR Leica mount a12 with Utra Wide Heliar Voïgtlander f5,6/12 mm VS Ricoh GXR Leica mount a12 with Carl Zeiss Biogon f4,5/21 mm

Apr 9, 2012

another blue window ...

Hoi An, Vietnam


Santa Catalina...

Santa Catalina... by Zé Eduardo...
Santa Catalina..., a photo by Zé Eduardo... on Flickr.

Monasterio de Santa Catalina, Arequipa, Peru

Incense ...

Incense ... by Zé Eduardo...
Incense ..., a photo by Zé Eduardo... on Flickr.

at Ngoc Son temple,Hanoi, Vietnam

Apr 6, 2012


lamps with blue window by Zé Eduardo...
lamps with blue window, a photo by Zé Eduardo... on Flickr.

Hoi An, Vietnam

door details from Sapa ( Vietnam )