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Nov 28, 2012


hi...guy!!! by *manuworld*
hi...guy!!!, a photo by *manuworld* on Flickr.


Nov 24, 2012

auTumn fantaSy**

auTumn fantaSy** by *manuworld*
auTumn fantaSy**, a photo by *manuworld* on Flickr.

Nov 20, 2012

sunset in paradise

sunset in paradise by *manuworld*
sunset in paradise, a photo by *manuworld* on Flickr.

Earth quake... today!!!!

5,4 earthquake, San Antonio,
16h23 20 de Nov,
15 km deep,
at -33,958°,-72,316°

Nov 16, 2012

Blue door details,...

Blue door details,... by Zé Eduardo...
Blue door details,..., a photo by Zé Eduardo... on Flickr.


Nov 15, 2012


Untitled by adam'74
Untitled, a photo by adam'74 on Flickr.


Nov 13, 2012


Oia by Lucy Franks
Oia, a photo by Lucy Franks on Flickr.


morning light and moonset



Nov 12, 2012

born in paradise**

born in paradise** by Manu World
born in paradise**, a photo by Manu World on Flickr.


Nov 10, 2012

The Cool Notes

superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......... 1985!!!!

Nov 9, 2012


4,4 earthquake, Champerico, Guatemala, 8h52 9 de Nov, 35 km deep, at 13,922°,-92,164°

Nov 7, 2012


Nov 6, 2012

Good day for a climb

Good day for a climb by Mojumbo22 (Matt)
Good day for a climb, a photo by Mojumbo22 (Matt) on Flickr.

While strolling along the Shore Path in Bar Harbor, Maine I came across this chap just sitting up in the tree. I think he was trying to get a better view of the setting sun which was going down just behind and to the left of me.

This photo represents the first of my Maine photos. Over the next series of posts we'll be exploring Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Two beautiful and great places in the United States' most eastern state along the North Atlantic Ocean.

The water behind is known as Frenchman's Bay and the land across is Winter Harbor, ME

A brief farewell

A brief farewell (again) by Dylan Toh
A brief farewell (again), a photo by Dylan Toh on Flickr.


Nov 4, 2012

Manu World

Caray... maniTas De Manu!!!aT CordoaRia garDen**MetaLLic**eXotiC**waTer graphiTesnail mail wonders!!
goLdy staiRsauTumn COLORSManu's latest ... love!! :)SunSeT iN paRaDise!!bOkehmale clothes
bLuewaxy malelasT week beSt frieNdtea boxcor purpúraliFe waLkinG
TexTurZaT s. Bentomis baobabsbiN laDensiLhoueTTeaT São Bento raiLway StaTion


Nov 3, 2012

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Nov 1, 2012

EnchanTing & encHanted

EnchanTing & encHanted by Manu World
EnchanTing & encHanted, a photo by Manu World on Flickr.