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Feb 23, 2007

Postcards swapping...

Postcards nr 3, originally uploaded by Manu World.

+ postcards still available and STILL waiting 4 a swap...

Fore info pls contact me. I'll accept new swappers.

Feb 20, 2007

To my DEAR friend in Mexico...

Una camiseta +..., originally uploaded by Manu World.

It's not only getting gifts from penpals !!!
... it's also sending them !!! ...

To penpals extra special like my pal Mary in Mexico...
Now that she got my gift, i don't need to hide this pic anymore!! LOL

I am glad u liked the sweater i secretly painted to u!!
Love ya loads!!

From Peru!!

From Peru!!, originally uploaded by Manu World.

That is why penpals are so, so,so soooooooooooo much fun...
We do swap everything....... eheheh

Amiguita, me encantó tu carterita!! Gracias****
I love u guys!!!

Feb 19, 2007

Are u into swapping??

Postcards nr 3, originally uploaded by Manu World.

We could do a postcards swap,ugh??

Feb 14, 2007

A special card !!

I did these watercolor cards, and i've many other "normal" postcards from all arond the world to swap...
what about signing in a list of penpals & swappers into swapping postcards??
(or other items)...

Any (better) sugestions??

How about swapping some cards??

Feb 13, 2007

I got it!!

Já chegou!1
Originally uploaded by Ocean.of.dreams.
My Islands magazine for Feb. 2007... and my hot black Darjeeling tea !! :) A perfect combination 4 a wintry cold night!! ugh??

From Mexico...

From Mexico...
Originally uploaded by Ocean.of.dreams.
...from Mexico with LOVE... from a close friend to me!!! Mary, I love u!!!

Feb 12, 2007

Postcard swapping

Hello mates...
Looking for new penpals?!
I tought we could start swapping postcards now.

Put ur addresses here pls, and so we'll see to whom i'll write, and who will write me... and so on...
Let's start now?


Feb 11, 2007

New website!!

If u look for new friends u can try at :

Good luck... there are many more me for details pls!! ok?

Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss *********** Manu

Feb 5, 2007


Hello my dear penpals...
Thks u pals who are acepting my invitation and coming into my blog!!!

I'll love 2 hear from u, and ur post are welcome here.
Don't 4get that this is a blog about penpals & swappers...and for other subjects u have my other blog "MAS k'É ISTO??!!"
It's a blog about everything and nothing at all.
I'll try 2 write on it in english too...(I started it in Portuguese. Sorry)

Kisssssssssss*** Manu

Feb 4, 2007


I accept suggestions and questions...
this is a penpals blog....
Is anybody there??...

Feb 3, 2007

I'm back!!

I'm back!!!
Did u miss me?!?